Monday, April 3, 2017

Pumpkin Pie and a landscape drenched with snow

Today is the first cake hour of April - yeah!  But it was more reminiscent of something from the winter.  First, someone brought a pumpkin pie today!!  The pie is normally associated with autumn and the holidays but it is clearly still available is some places like BJs which is where this one was from.
Somebody went to BJs!
And brought a pumpkin pie.
Very round and very smooth!
 This was a very good size pie, probably about 10 inches with a solid pumpkin color and a very smooth top. It tasted like these pies typically do with a nice taste of the spices without being overbearing.  A little whipped cream would have added a nice touch but no matter. It was a nice offering for cake hour.
Looks pretty classic!
A little whipped cream would have added the final touch!
The winter theme went will with the weather from the weekend which included and April 1 snowstorm. Although Providence want no particularly affected, for the one of us who was driving north through New Hampshire and Vermont the weather made for a travel disaster especially given the fact that the rental car was a Dodge Charger with rear wheel drive.  Who knew they still made rear wheel drive? 
Nice car but keep it out of the snow!!
 With steady snow, white out visibility almost, and little to no plowing the Charger was no match. During the course of the over 6 hour drive, (normally just over 2.5 hours) the car fishtailed up every hill, drove sideways at one point. and did a complete 180 ending up facing the wrong direction on an Interstate highway with a truck stopping about 10 feet away.  This was followed by getting stuck first in the snow. It had to be left on the road meaning the last mile to the destination was on foot at 1:30 in the morning.  The next day it got stuck in the mud.  The only upside to the whole thing was the landscape the next morning that was literally drenched with snow.
The small tree on the left - drenched with snow.
The red thing in the middle is a barn that is normally very visible.
Try getting your car up this road!
The Charger wasn't going to do it!
On the return trip, with normal dry road conditions, the Charger was great to drive with awesome acceleration and pickup!  Just don't take it into a snowstorm.