Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Banana Cream Pie - no, not that one again!

We've had the Banana Cream Tart from Pastiche many times. Today we got what would second place in any matchup.  This was a Banana Cream Pie from another favorite bakery, The Vienna Bakery in Barrington.  As you can see it is a nice looking pie also with clearly an appropriate amount of whipped cream on top.  The pastry was thin and good. The filling was pastry cream with a bunch of banana slices in the center of the pie.  All this was smothered with the whipped creak that was decorated with dried banana pieces and the proverbial cherry on the top.  It tasted very good and was comparatively light. Plus we got our potassium from the fresh banana slices. Who says pastry isn't good for you!

We see whipped cream!

A little more detail in this view!

The dried bananas and cherry finish it off!

Great view from above!

And on the inside....