Thursday, March 12, 2020

Nothing like a selection

They cater the lunch and sometimes when they do they bring a dessert tray.  That's what they did today!  So we got a good selection of typical bakery treats to enjoy for a few days. All good!
Quite a pile on this tray!

M & M Cookies

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Chocolate Brownies

Blond Brownies

Traditional chocolate chip with a stray M&M

Time to dig in!

Monday, March 9, 2020

Quick strawberry shortcake cake

Another whipped cream favorite and it's the strawberry shortcake cake from Whole foods.  This is usually fresh and good with lots of whipped cream.  Sometimes they are heavier on the cream than the strawberry's but is that a bad thing? The presentation with the strawberries is quite attractive.  Once you take off the plastic shaper the whole thing can fall apart but then you eat it!

Nice clean and smooth - and it's whipped cream!

Nicely displayed berry slices!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Pie a la Mode

There is nothing as American as apple pie, right. Maybe!  Today we had a nice one from Wegman's which really does have good bakery products. Other stuff appears there hit or miss but there is always a good selection of pies that are quite tasty.  Today it's apple pie with a little bit of ice cream. Their pie is well cooked meaning that the apples are nice and soft.  This caramelizes them somewhat and embeds the cinnamon flavor.  The pies with crunchy apples are undercooked and not as flavorful, kin our cake hour opinion! If you are in a Wegman's and want a good pie go for this one!

The view from above!

We heart you too!
Good around the edges!
Well cooked and tasty apple filling!

Just to make it a la mode!