Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Let the Good Times Roll - It's Mardi Gras!

We once had an undergraduate several years ago who hailed from New Orleans! She introduced us to the traditions of that city and Mardi Gras. This included King Cakes and we had one then for cake hour. Needless to say a cake hour tradition was founded and every year from King King Cakes in New Orleans we get our baby holding cake and Laissez Les Bonnes Temps Roulent! Thanks to the diligence of the company we get the reminder every year and place our order. The cake promptly arrives for our Mardi Gras cake hour. It requires a little self assembly as the fully decorated cake can get shaken up during shipping. A pastry bag of icing and three small containers with the colored sugar are included.  The cake every year is very good - tasty and not at all dried out due to how well it is prepped and shipped!  We highly recommend the company so if you want to get the real thing give them a try!

Look what Fedex brought!

It requires some self assembly so it doesn't get deformed during shipping1

The icing was easily applied!

And then we added the granular sugar in Mardi Gras colors!

Orpheus assembles the gang with their beads!

And we have the baby!

A little bit embedded in the pastry!

All cleaned up!

For a cleaner portrait!!

Friday, February 17, 2023

After quite a while its cheesecake time!

It's Friday and to finish off the week with a little oomph we went with a Blueberry Topped Cheesecake from Wegmans which happens to be right across the street from yours truly.Though normally travel is by train on Friday it is by car so it is easy to run into the store's bakery department just inside and grab and go. Well not quite - you can't really grab and go with a cheesecake. 

Looking good!

Great view from above

The cake looked great, was very fresh, not too sweet and not as heavy as you would expect. The fresh whipped cream rim around the top was a nice touch. It held the pool of blueberries at bay which were an excellent topping.
Nice pool of blueberries and fresh whipped cream!

Of course a cheesecake isn't a cheesecake without that classic crust of crushed graham crackers. Like the test of the cake this was also very well done!

And there's that graham cracker crust!

Who knows who really makes these cakes for Wegmans but without a doubt they do a great job!