Friday, December 18, 2020

Glühwein - a Cake Hour Christmas Tradition with Cake as a Gift

Every year we have our little Christmas tradition at cake hour serving hot wine - Glühwein - and the things that go with it according to German custom.  That usually includes cookies and Stollen an actually edible type of fruitcake/bread. We had that his year, of course, but a former colleague who moved on to another institution remembered it fondly and had a cake delivered for the occasion. It was a nice raspberry cheesecake from the Vienna Bakery in Barrington, RI.  It had seasonal message. As usual, everything was great!
Christmas fixin's!
Stollen and Glühwein!

And a cheesecake too!

Enjoying the treats with a festive not so ugly Christmas sweater!
Enjoying a little Vitamin C garnish!

Friday, December 11, 2020

Bo has gotta go!

He's gotta got no for any bad reason - he had to return to his position in China so his career in the US has come to a conclusion - at least for now.  To honor his achievement and participation we gave him a little sendoff with goodies and our usual Brown makeover.  This time with some Covid precautions!!

Today's spread!

Cake with a message!

Well decorated and yes that is whipped cream!

For today's makeover!
We did it again!

Who is that masked Director?

Who is that masked coordinator!

Who is that asked mentor?

Who is that masked colleague?

Who is that other masked colleague?

Someone's gotta show the face!

Best of luck to you pal and see you in the Middle Kingdom someday!