Thursday, January 24, 2019

Another one heads back home..

Today was the last day in the lab and the last cake hour for one of colleagues from Harbin, China.  To mark her departure she brought in a lovely fruit tart for us to share. We, of course, did our customary Brown gear makeover to send her off with mementos of her stay with us. And of course we had to take a few parting shots!! Typical for anything from the Vienna.. the tart was very good and made for a nice celebratory treat to finish off our colleague's stay.
Nice looking fruit tart from Vienna bakery!
Well laid out fruit design!
We like how the strawberry greens add a counter color!
The usual - crust, pastry cream and glazed fruit!!
And it's makeover time!!  To send her on her way we got a lovely red - lucky color in Chinese culture - Brown sweatshirt with an embroidered logo, a white Brown med hat and being scientists a mug with Brown spelled out using symbols from the periodic table.  She is all set to turn heads back in Harbin and drink tea while drink tea while reminiscing about cake hour.

The makeover gets a thumbs up from the husband!
All smiles!
And more smiles!!
10 second cake hour shot with the gang!
Final pose with a research dynamic duo!