Tuesday, August 10, 2010

He tried to back out..

He tried but we guilted him.  Our research fellow promised us some cookies baked by his fiancee. They were supposed to come today but something happened and the fiancee was called in by here boss and had to blah, blah, blah!  So he tried to renege only to receive a little bit of incredulity and a minor guilt trip in return. He asked if he should pick something up to which the appropriate response was - Duh?
Two flavors to try!

Everything goes with whipped cream.

..and all natural to boot!

Fortunately we have that Gourment Heaven nearby and he had to walk right by it on his way to get his marriage license - a-a-w! So once again we see the Creme de Priouline Artisan Rolled Wafers - in two flavors this time.  (What the hell is an artisan rolled wafer? Do they expect us to believe they are rolled by something other than a major piece of industrial machinery?) They hit the spot and sufficed to whet our appetite in anticipation of the cookies that are now to come tomorrow! And they are all natural to boot!

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