Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sayonara, Koga..san!

All good things come to and end and so too did the fellowship of our cheesecake bringing colleague Koga-san!  We like to send everyone off with memories and a toast and his case was no different.  Continuing with our policy of trying to find something that is most inconvenient to have to schlep back to your home country on a plane we found a lovely print of the Brown University Quad. He now has to figure out how to get it to Japan. We also did a little bit of Brown U themed makeover and so you see our departing friend modeling the newest addition to Brown logo wear i.e. the new sweatshirt for the Brown Alpert Medical School or BAMS. That's a better name than the Brown University Medical School which was BUMS. Nevertheless, we wonder if anyone will get the connection without having it explained to them that the Brown Alpert Medical School is associated with Brown University.

After the BUMS,er BAMS makeover!

In addition to the gifts we toasted with a little bit of the bubbly - except for that student who kept filling his glass - and some treats from Lasalle's bakery. We had a tiramisu and one of their strawberry shortcakes. Anticipating the cookies to come at cake hour in about an hour and a half we made sure everyone got a small piece.  Kampai, Hiro-san!
Treats from Lasalle's

Beware of thirsty students!
Let's crack open a bottle!

Very beautiful..but how do I get it to Japan?

Thanks to the director

Research mentors wa subarashii desu!

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