Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It wasn't over yet...

One last hurrah for student cake month. It seems there was someone in the program who did not understand the significance of the month of July being the month for student's to bring the goods. Being the sport that he was, however, he agreed to a makeup and who are we to say no.  It was a four star effort also.  He came up with a great looking cheesecake from the Meeting Street Cafe...someplace we have not tried before. It turns out it was not made by the folks at the Cafe but came from a commercial bakery calle MD Bakery.  We hadn't heard of it so quickly checked it out as a possible source for the future. Since they don't sell retail themselves we'll have to check for other places that feature their products. 
No longer delinquent

Great look

A hearty thing for sure

And so it disappears...

This was a great looking cake and though we didn't get an official name we will call it a caramel pecan cheesecake.  Oreo cookie crust, good solid New York style cheesecake filling with a caramel coating and of course the decorative pecan whipped cream swirls at the top. It tasted good but was one of those things you had to eat a small amount of lest you remain feeling full for the next two days. It was a big cake for a smaller crowd then usual. Since most of the student have left for the summer a distinct quietude has settled upon the lab somewhat.  It's always good to have those summer students part of the gang but also quite fine when things return to normal.  This year's group was not the most outgoing but we'll just assume it was because they were serious scientists! Let's see how many of them come back in the fall!

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