Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Memories of Grandma Miller and dreams of Hong Kong

We are still in the lull that usually happens after student cake month but despite no takers for bringing a cake today we relied upon a remnant of Grandma Miller's visit that we had kept stored away in the event of a gap. One remaining zucchini bread was available to keep us from going hungry.  For good measure we had some whipped cream to top it off if one so desired. After all, a little whipped cream never hurts.

It was somehow poignant that on a day when we had a small offering the cake master decided to weigh in from Hong Kong where he is preparing for his wedding with pictures showing the abundance of offerings to be found at bakeries in Hong Kong. We had been told about how good they were but were skeptical not knowing of any tradition in Hong Kong associated with baking or pastry. But check these places out.  We could fill many a cake hour schedule with these masterpieces. Does that mango cheesecake look good or what? WE NEED TO HAVE CAKE HOUR IN HONG KONG!

It's only too bad he won't be able to bring any of these back with him.  And...let's just pray he doesn't show up with frozen Durian.

Makes you drool!

Quite a variety and not a bean in sight!

Now we're hungry...

Good sutff!

Mango cheesecake - why didn't we think of that?

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