Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hey, does the cake have a tumor?

 A good coffee cake is always appreciated during cake time.  Today's was no exception.  This looked rather typical but was an orange pineapple coffee cake from Sam's Club of all places.  Cakes from Sam's may not be gourmet but they are always big enough to accommodate the group. They aren't bad, though and are usually fresh and never dry.  We have several different kinds and this one contained a swirl of orange pineapple topping that during baking either stayed on top of the cake or ended up sinking into the middle - hence today's title.
Nothing like a good coffee cake!

If this was under the microscope that discoloration in the center might be considered tumor tissue!
When sliced part of the cake had what appeared to be a separate discolored center that appeared to be different than that surrounding cake.  We have seen this type of thing many times on pathological slides where what we know to be a tumor is surrounded by the normal tissue it had invaded or grown in.  So being scientists we drew parallels between the cake and what we do. I think we are spending too much time looking at cakes.
Line 'em up!

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