Monday, August 16, 2010

Mrs. Masa makes a mousse..

We really should stop calling her that. She is Mrs. Shimoda after all but Mrs. Masa sounds better so a little poetic license please.  The Mrs. makes the perfect chiffon cake that we have experienced before and that our Hong Kong cackler tried to replicate to some success. This time it was something different. We deemed it a strawberry mousse as calling it a mousse fit in with the attempted alliteration of the title.

Actually it was Strawberry Bavarian Cream. (Though one person called it a flan. Not!!) It had the consistency of a custard or a pudding more than a mousse and so was probably not based upon whipping up large amounts of egg white.  It was chilled, which was great, for a hot summer day and of course being like a custard or pudding it gave us a reason to slather on some whipped cream not that we need a reason to slather on whipped cream. We also had a little leftover strawberry shortcake from Hiro's departure celebration but Mrs. Masa's Mousse was preferred.

Creme Bavaroise

More custard then mousse.

A little strawberry aspic for the base

Just perfect when you add the whipped cream

Ready to be devoured!

The Shimoda family is from Japan which is known for having many long lived individuals and a large number of people over 100 years old. However that may not be quite what it seems which was part of our discussion. As it turns out a lot of those reportedly over 100 years were no longer around according to a report in the New York Times that was somewhat amusing despite the subject matter.

So if Grandpa has been spending a lot of time in his room and out of sight.. you may want to check on him!

Leftovers, anyone?

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