Friday, August 6, 2010

The last cheesecake...

All good things must come to and end. So too must the monthly cheesecake that we had come to expect from our friend Hiro.  He is leaving his life as a researcher here in Providence to return to Japan where he will once again immerse himself in clinical pursuits for about 80% of his time if not more. As the Japanese say..yoku nai!

The monthly cheesecake

A slight list to the right

The fruit gets a little sparse

Till the next time!

Once a month we could expect a tasty New York Style cheesecake to appear courtesy of Hiro. No more! Today we enjoy the last least until someone else brings one in.  Hiro may be gone but there will always be cheesecake. It is interesting to note the various configurations of the fruit on the top over the course of the several months that these were forthcoming. This one seemed a little sparse but the cake was good even if it did look a little lop-sided!  Sayonara cheesecake!
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