Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Then suddenly we remembered...

It was looking like it was going to be another day of scrounging for something for cake time and we had so far come up with the omnipresent whipped cream, some Cadbury chocolate and leftover ice cream as you can see. Then suddenly we remembered....our vacating - Yes, I've brought something for cake hour but since you have something else I'll take it back and have it tomorrow on Block Island with my friends - student had indeed left behind a few of her baked creations because - surprise - she had too much for that Block Island Trip. 
This was it, or so we thought!

Which one is gluten free/

Probably the stunted one!

Tasty but a little dry!

I guess you could call them Lemon Poppy Seed flatbread or flatcakes. They had been in the refrigerator since Friday, though securely wrapped in plastic.  We weren't quite sure how much they were supposed to rise but most breads of this sort do get a little higher. One of them might have been gluten free which would account for the flatness but the other might have turned out so due to the vagaries of the recipe or the vicissitudes of the baker. (You like those v words?)  The fact that they had been around since Friday may have contributed to the fact they were a little dry but that's why you keep the coffee and the whipped cream nearby!

One of our favorite topics came up today and that is the impossible scientific and technological capabilities of the labs on CSI Miami and shows of the same ilk. I mean I really want that software that takes the grainiest or most pixilated digital photo and then makes it crystal clear. Or the one where they can get a perfect shot of a person's face from the reflection of it in the sunglasses of a perpetrator in the rear of a picture taken by a low resolution security camera.  And they are the only labs in the world that can have a DNA result before the party at which a murder has taken place, is over. Why is it also that CSI Miami never investigates the murders of young gang members but always manages to find the person who was murdered by a friend who wanted to get even so they found some metallic makeup that killed the person when they started the microwave or something stupid like that. No wonder the judges screening jury pools have to remind prospective jurors that what they see on TV is not the real world. You hear that, Horatio! And straighten up while you are at it!

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