Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome to Cake Hour Cackle!

Welcome to the official Cake Hour blog of the Liver Research Center.

Cake Hour is one of the most sacred rituals at the Liver Research Center. A devoted LRC member, who has successfully mastered the art of scheduling his/her experiments around Cake Hour, would soon discover that a thin slice of Black Forest Cake accompanied by a fresh cup of coffee and a lively discussion on arts, humanities and politics can be just as rewarding as, if not more than, a clean Western Blot or a strong PCR band.

The purpose of this blog is to extend the spirit of Cake Hour beyond the physical boundary of 55 Claverick Street. Share a recipe, join a discussion, announce your latest scientific discoveries, or simply drop by to say hello. Any current and past members of the Liver Research Center are welcome to participate. You can even obtain your very own personalized author account by bringing in a good cake (or pie) during the next Cake Hour. We hope you enjoy this blog and let's have some cake!

By the way, the cake is NOT a lie.

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