Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mass Murder by Chocolate

We thought we had seen some pretty intense cakes but this one was quite a confection er concoction. Everyone has heard of '"Death by Chocolate" as a description of a sinfully chocolaty dessert. Well this thing was so over the top that we dubbed it "Mass Murder by Chocolate".  The official name is "Skyscraper Devil's Food Cheesecake" made by Junior's Most Fabulous Cheesecake and Desserts. It was about 6 inches tall and about 15 inches in diameter. The cake was cut into 14 slices but sticking to the  suggested serving size would accommodate 52 people.  This was basically a devil's food cake on top of a New York cheesecake.  And Junior did not skimp on any ingredients. This was one rich cake.  We ended up serving about 5 people per slice because it was truly a lot to consume.  We learned quickly that this cake was best eaten in small doses because a large slice would at the minimum provide the daily recommended caloric intake for an average person.

All wrapped up and waiting..

When there are 52 servings in the box..something is up!

Most fabulous?

The beast appears!

Only 14 slices were was impossible to eat one.

Butter cream on top, cheesecake in the middle and gigantic chocolate chunks on the side

A Devil's food cake on top of a cheesecake...who thought of this?

Ready to chow down!

It took about twenty people to get through four and a half slices.

That did not stop a few of us from trying. One of our cacklers walked away with an entire slice.  Try as she did it took several days to complete it.  We had quite an assembly for this cake but managed to use up only five of the pieces.  Imagine our surprise when the next day there were another five slices gone. Apparently it was not too much to handle for some of the after hours crowd. The next day we tried again but found it slow going.  Only an hour later though almost all of the remaining five pieces were gone. Who was pigging out on this cake?  In reality no one. The person who brought it ended up taking some slices back to his abode to share with some colleagues.  Since the paid $60.00 for the cake - a cake hour record - we presume he wanted to get a little more bang for his buck. We had no problem with that and appreciated the fact that it ended up getting the cake out of here that much faster! 
Two days later...all that remained!

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