Friday, April 22, 2011

The Easter Bunny Returns

Once again the Easter Bunny made an appearance at the Liver Research Center to load us up with all sorts of good old Easter candies.  Chocolate Bunnies - Dove chocolate no less - Dove chocolate eggs, jelly beans, Cadbury Mini Eggs (the best Easter candy ever), Robin Eggs and of course the obligatory Peeps. The Peeps started making their appearance about a month ago but were out in full force in the Easter Basket. 
Our own Easter Basket!

Lots of good stuff

Dove chocolate rabbits surrounding the Peeps

Quite a bounty of candies and Peeps!

Is this the Easter Bunny??

One of the side effect, if you want to call it that, of eating Robin Eggs is the way in which the outside color easily rubs off in your mouth.  If you really work at it you can get your tongue a lovely color as in the blue tongue's seen below.  This year we noticed that the vibrant orange color had disappeared from the Robin Eggs package and a lighter color was substituted. That ruined the fun somewhat and prevented us from having a bright orange complementary counterbalance to the blue. Maybe it will be back next year!

Robin Egg blue gets onto your tongue!

AS little shy but we got it out of her!

All tucked away for the evening and further consumption on Monday!
What would Easter be without those marshmallowy good and uniquely American Peeps treats. This year we had quite a selection...
We got electric blue....
Fuchsia is always a tough color for food - but they look good!
The traditional yellow Peeps!
A lovely lime green group!
The purple Peeps are rabbits!
Peeps on Parade - they're coming for Vicki!!

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