Monday, June 20, 2011

An wedding and an anniversary!

Today was the first anniversary of the arrival of one of our graduate students. It's hard to believe that an entire year has gone by but 'tis indeed true. To celebrate she signed up for the cake and brought us something that might just look familiar. It is the mega chocolate layer cake from Gregg's.  This is a classic American chocolate cake with 4 very chocolatey layers and a butter cream or something equally caloric chocolate frosting.  Since it was fresh, as is the usual case with Gregg's, it was moist and very tasty.  This is the kind of cake that you like to have a glass of milk with. We didn't have any milk around but remembered there was some left over vanilla ice cream which is an obviously suitable alternative.  Fortunately a lot of the people enjoying the cake had already left so the ice cream could easily go around for the folks that remained.

Cake deja vu!

My first complete year!
Now normally it would take us about 2 or 3 days to finish this cake off but since the summer students have for the most part arrived the number of cake consumers has increased considerably. That being said this time the cake disappeared pretty quickly and there were only 4 slices left by the end of cake time. It's pretty good when you can make this thing go so fast.

This is one rich cake

Topped with a cherry!

With students around the cake did not stand a chance!

Today was also the day after the weekend wedding of another graduate student. They picked a lovely day on the Rhode Island shore to celebrate the nuptial fest. We were expecting to get some leftover cake but apparently at one point it got relocated to the top of the refrigerator where they were staying rather than in the refrigerator. Since it was not exactly a cool time it was decided rather be safe than sorry and the cake was tossed.  In celebration of the wedding our group got together and put together a few video gifts for our now hitched colleague. They will be available soon!

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