Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Separated at birth?

Our cake hour donor today brought in a cake we had seen before. It's one of those dense flourless chocolate cakes that can even call itself gluten free! We don't really care about the latter for ourselves but we are sensitive to those with a gluten sensitivity.  Today we could all eat cake together.


For anyone looking for a chocolate fix this is a good solution. It is somewhat dense, not overly sweet and the shards of dark chocolate candy that decorate the circumference give an added boost.  Because the cake is a titch on the dry side it is one that is especially suited to having a blast of whipped as a complement.  Although it is not always offered, the three pack of whipped cream was in stock during a recent visit to Sam's club. Hence we were prepared and were able to enjoy the chocolate cake even more.
The pediatrician colleague who brought the cake was telling us about a recent patient who happened to be a rather tall and athletic specimen for his teen age.  Said patient was giving our guy a hard time during the session and he told us the kid even said to him that he looked like one of the doctors on the TV show "House".  Our friend didn't have to go any further because another of our colleagues instantly blurted out "you mean Dr. Taub."  Apparently the "resemblance" was not lost on others.  This made for one of those funnily awkward situations. Our pedi guy was not buying the comparison but was taking some razzing from those who wanted to bust his chops...for the next several days.  So were they separated at birth. You be the judge!

Dr. Taub from "House"
The guy from our house.

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