Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eppendorf Cupcakes

Today featured another vendor who was promoting his wares along with providing some tasty treats. It was suggested that he procure something from the Cupcakerie, the place which took the spot where Ursula's European Pastries used to be. (We could do with one of Ursula's strudels right about now.)
Our featured account rep courtesy of Eppendorf!

Our featured sweet seller!
The Cupcakerie is very good and it being the month of October which features Halloween our sales rep of the day picked up a few of their cupcakes that were decorated according to a Halloween theme.   These included a chocolate cupcake with the frosting shaped in the form of a ghost - very clever!  There was another with the frosting used to make a caricature of a muppet like monster - very cute!  There was another spice cupcake with a cookie in the shape of a leaf for an autumn theme and a number of their other classics. 
Nice looking batch!

Even more!

Halloween ghost cupcake!

Cute widdle monster!

An autumnal creation?  We can't remember!

All in all the selection of cupcakes was very good as was the selection of promo products that be brought along including pens, cups, and even some massage pads or something similar.  The end result was that everyone was happy with both the sweet selections from Eppendorf and the selection of sweets from the Cupcakerie!  We had a few left over so we sent them home with a colleague to give his kids a pre-Halloween treat!.

Am I scaring you?

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