Monday, January 9, 2012

Not your usual wedding cake but Lasalles to the rescue

One of our graduate students was destined to experience a number of important moments in her life associated with out humble group. The culmination will be her PhD but stay tuned for that.  Today there was a small celebration in honor of her marriage part 1.  This has to do with a civil ceremony in New York City where her beau lives.  This will subsequently be followed by a more major event in Italy from where she comes. There is absolutely no doubt that the civil ceremony in NYC will be outdone by the festival in Italy. That's not to say that an effort - conscious or not - was made to make part 1 something unique and special.  It featured a specially baked wedding cake or should we say cake for the wedding. This was baked? concocted? assembled? by the mentor.  Needless to say the anticipation was palpable given some previous attempts at baking that ended up with frosting sliding off the cake before serving and salt being substituted for sugar.  The moment came and the cake was presented to the new bride.

Obviously not one of those monster three tiered wedding cakes that you routinely see at the big celebrations.  Instead a gluten free single layer yellow cake with a chocolate frosting served up on a holiday platter decorated with dreidls. (The platter courtesy of Crate and Barrel!) This was something special indeed - a gesture from the heart and it certainly made an impression. 
Well. what can I say?
We will have these moments to remember?

A truly unique cake for a wedding celebration - with dreidls!
I won't eat it. You can't make me!

Just kidding!
Truth be told it wasn't bad. I believe it was made with almond flour or something similar so it sort of had a nutty taste. It was not dry nor as tasteless as one might prejudge a gluten free baked good to be. The dark chocolate frosting was also nice. It was well enjoyed and the occasion was thereby that much more - ah - remarkable.  And just look how happy everyone is....
Gluten free goodness, no?
We're gluten free!

We're gluten free and we love it!

Why are we smiling...we're gluten free!
Congratulations on your wedding and to hell with gluten!
However that did not stop anyone from digging into the cheesecake that showed up from Lasalle's Bakery. Apparently someone had signed up for cake hour and dutifully bought something not knowing that the wedding event was going to take place. So we ended up with a second gluten rich alternative. This was a fairly good cheesecake with a bunch of molten chocolate then solidified chocolate on top covering what were probably crushed oreos.

It didn't take long for that gluten to return!

White and dark chocolate top it off!
Looks like a lava formation only it's chocolate!

Big pile of crushed cookies or something underneath!

Another goodie from Lasalle's!

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