Thursday, December 6, 2012

The cake of gratitude

Today was a day of thanks. Not like that holiday of about three weeks ago. Instead we were served up a nice little chocolate cake with the words Thank You on top.  There was a major procedure involving a lot of preparation and requiring several things that were not immediately available.  This prompted a number of requests that needed to be addressed quickly.  Those responsible for taking care of such things co-operated in making sure that everything necessary was procured promptly thereby making the execution of the work that much simpler.
I'm glad it's over and I'm saying thanks!
Simple cake with a simple message!

Lots of good size chocolate shards!

Aw, you're welcome!
So the person who was coordinating the whole thing was gracious enough to offer thanks to those who had helped by coming with the cake.  It was a very nice gesture and much appreciated. It wasn't really necessary because everyone was doing their jobs but we are not going to crab about someone's act of generosity especially if a cake is involved. 
One layer of chocolate cake with a fresh whipped cream frosting!
Simple and good!
The cake was very simple and good. A single layer of good moist chocolate cake with a whipped cream frosting and shaved chocolate pieces.  We've had them many time before and they are liked because the pieces are never too big. It is also not heavy so you don't feel like you overdo it calorically by having a slice.  We were happy to dig in and for bringing the cake we say thanks to the person who was thanking us!

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