Thursday, April 4, 2013

Overcompensating a little after Passover

Passover has passed over. It is the end of the observance so you don't have to restrict yourselves to tasteless matzos because they are flat and unleavened.  No, indeed, no you can eat something with leavening even if it is not made with yeast so you can get some air and moisture into your cake or other treat.  Today we had someone overcompensating for the lack of leavening by bringing in a cake that rose to the occasion for sure. 
Another great Providence Bakery!
After Passover a highly leavened bundt cake!

Cappuccino swirl through a regular vanilla cake!

It's about 8 inches tall too!

He brought in a Cappuccino Walnut Cake from Scialo Brothers Bakery in Providence. Considering this is all one cake and contains no layers it is impressive in how large it is.  It is a dense and very moist classic bundt style marble cake that really goes well with your afternoon cup of java.  The chocolate/cappucino swirls in the vanilla cake were flavorful. The look was very appetizing and all in all an impressive cake as are all the bundt cakes from Scialo Brothers.  They are certainly not small and even with our healthy cake appetites we had plenty left over for the next day. It was just as good then!
Nice balance of shades!

Good and moist - no dry cake here!

There was one little problem.  The walnuts, of which there is usually a smattering on top, were nowhere to be seen.  Perhaps this was the nut free variety but the description of this cake on the website certainly shows off the nuts.
The walnuts are missing!
Nonetheless, if you need a flour/leavening fix afters days of dry crackers and matzo ball soup, one of these bundt cakes is certainly a good option.
Easter leftover appetizers!

We also had some leftover treats from and Easter celebration.  These were sort of overlooked on a dessert table that included carrot cake, cheesecake, red velvet cake, tiramisu and a ice cream sundae buffet.  We served them in advance of cake hour to get everyone's appetite going!

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