Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Strawberry Cake and a vegetarian who doesn't eat fruit

Today saw the first summertime cake from Gregg's.  Gregg's is a restaurant/bakery in the Providence area that makes some very good fresh cakes.  The restaurant serves up a lot of classic New England dishes and is quite popular. Their cakes however, made fresh daily and decorated by hand, are something a little more creative.  You can check out all their offerings in the realm of desserts by checking out their website www.greggsusa.com!
A Strawberry Cake that is anything but short!
Simple decoration..just plop a few strawberries in a design on top!
Check out how thick is the layer of whipped cream...which is mostly air after all!

Today's cake which we have had before and love as a summertime treat was made with the ingredients of a classic strawberry shortcake.  It is two layers of yellow sponge cake with copious amounts of whipped cream frosting.  There were chopped up fresh strawberries inside and some whole strawberries adorning the top.  In addition when you purchase this cake, Gregg's provides you with a container of strawberries in syrup to drizzle over your slices.  This is a very nice touch and gives the cake that much more flavor. We could be negative and point out that this could well be a frozen strawberry syrup but instead will give Gregg's the benefit of the doubt and presume that it was homemade.
Strawberries in syrup on the side!
A little light on the interior strawberries which was probably fine with our fruitless vegetarian!
The cake was enjoyed very much and proved very popular - especially among the summer students who are gearing up to create their own confections as part of student cake month.  We did notice that one person, who we know to be a vegetarian, was not too keen on the strawberries.  The strawberry syrup was okay just not the strawberries themselves either fresh or in the syrup.  This seemed odd but we learned that it isn't just strawberries but any fruit...with the exception of mangoes. This was probably the first time we encountered a vegetarian who doesn't eat or like fruit.  The opposite was true with the person who cleaned about all the strawberries off the top without eating a piece of the cake.  They wondered how we knew. The indentations in the whipped cream where the strawberries were was the dead giveaway!

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