Friday, August 23, 2013

It is the end of the summer and the students are off!

Another summer research season has come to an end. Hence our student interns must move on hopefully to bigger and better things. Today at cake hour be bade farewell to two of our longer term intern associates.  One started as student and was hired as a research assistant. The other was a three years running summer participant.  Today they both take off with one heading to graduate school in Chicago and the other to Taiwan for a familial respite prior to medical school. 

A farewell cake before medical school!
Final pic of the intern duo!
A couple of photobombers join in!
Now for the real shot!
To send them off we had one of those huge toffee cakes from Gregg's. This cake, as had been described before, is a chocolate cake with toffee flavored whipped cream frosting and filing. it is then decorated with florets above and crushed chocolate cookies around the edge. It is then finished with a pile of crushed Heath Bars on the top.
Quite a cake to say the least!
Well decorated with some good stuff on top!
That's a pile of heath bar crunch!
When it is fresh, as it was today, this is a really great cake.  We have had it several times and enjoy it each time. It is much lighter than it looks and hence easy to eat. I doubt that its calorie content is particularly light, however.
It looks rather dense but actually isn't!
The cake and the camaraderie were a great way to send out buddies off to their next endeavor!
The obligatory cake hour ten second shot and they are off!

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