Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's Christmas in September!!

Continuing on with our unplanned international week.  This past weekend one of us went visiting parents.  The mother go her shipment of holiday goods early and the order was accidentally duplicated. Nothing had to be returned however. So with extra Stollens to spare one was given to go and brought to cake hour today.
Another box from Dimpflmayer!
Keeps for a long time - no stale date needed!

Fresh out of the box - traditional shape!

All sliced and ready to go!
We have seen this many times before.  Stollen is the traditional German Christmas cake. This version is the Marzipan Stollen meaning it has a marzipan filling inside.  It is made by Dimpflmayer in Canada and as it says on the package it keeps for a long time!  The marzipan version is our favorite as it is always good and moist and the marzipan adds a nice flavor touch.  It did not take that long for this to disappear!
Typical raisins, candied fruit, slivered almonds and some marziapn!

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