Thursday, March 16, 2017

A great bundt cake from Scialo Brothers

Scialo Brothers Bakery on Federal Hill has a great selection of cakes including a category of bundt cakes.  Today we had a repeat one - their Cappuccino Walnut cake. This is a version of a marble bundt coffee cake made where the lighter part is coffee flavored and the darker part is cappuccino flavored.
Making great stuff since 1916!
Attractively packaged!
The light is coffee and the dark is espresso!
Like all their bundt cakes, of which we have had several,  this is an ample cake to feed a good crowd or leave you with leftovers.  The cake is the classic bundt oval and as you look at it from the top it appears that the cappuccino part is poured after and on top of the lighter coffee part. The the darker portion is added some chopped walnuts which end up on the top of the cake. The darker layer seeping through gives the marble effect - we surmise!
You can see how one batter seems to envelop the other!
The chopped walnuts float on the top!
All the Scialo brothers coffee/bundt cakes are excellent. When you get them fresh they are good and moist, not outrageously sweet and comparably light. The coffee flavor is unique to this one and is great for those of us who like our espresso.  If you want to a coffee coffee cake this is the one for sure.
In essence a coffee flavored marble cake!

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