Thursday, March 7, 2019

Slumming it at the candy machine with some leftover Taiwan treats

Since no one signed up today we took a trip down to the candy machine on the first floor and grabbed some of their mini-chocolate chip cookies and some M&M peanuts.  Hey, at least we had something.  The only thing to be said about the cookies is that they are very similar to Chips Ahoy and have that we have clearly been mass produced taste!
The bounty from the candy machine!

And something else we found!

Mini Chips Ahoy and M&M peanuts - as American as you can get!
Once we got back we found we still had some fo the treats from Taiwan left. These are chewy, nutty circular candies that I described as nougat since they taste and have a texture just like European nougat candies.  Our colleage from China did not know the word for them in Chinese but looked on the package and found that the Chinese characters for these are pronounced Nou-at which the colleague presumed meant they just took the work into the Chinese language. 
Still had some of these left!!

What the Chinese call Nou-at!
These candies are pretty good and are the second Taiwanese treat we have come to know the other being the pineapple cakes!

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