Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Moss Kids bake and take the cake!

We had guest bakers again today and this time it was some youthful aficionados of baking. Jacob and Tasha showed up and assembled a chocolaty, nutellaey, strawberry, raspberry and whipped cream extravaganza. Inspired by the entry of the big T for student cake month, they decided to go with a cake stacked high and filled with all sorts of goodness. It was quite impressive and easily surpassed some of the offerings of the usual participants. The cake looked great and tasted really good. It was not too sweet and really moist. When you added extra whipped cream it was top notch!!  These kids even received suggestions that they should open a bakery but I think that is a little unrealistic with their school schedules so we will have to just settle for them coming back and making another creation. As you can see from the pictures the crowd went wild for this treat and of course we took the left over pieces and created some cake art.

The extravaganza! Eat your heart out Big T!

Like a work of art!

Ta da!!

Gee, now they're going to eat it and we won't see it again!

The cake looks like it's talking!

I said smile you sillies!

The crowd goes wild especially Princess!

Doling out the whipped! Extra whipped cream anyone?

Yes...pile it on!

Bunny ears for all!

The cake becomes a logo!

Our latest cake art creations!!

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