Monday, September 13, 2010

The wedding of Yat Yee and Waihong

A Hong Kong wedding!! Our own cakemaster decided to tie the knot and returned to his home town to do so. (That's how we got all those pictures of the bakeries over there.) He was gone a month but we suspect it was not a month long affair but rather he got stuck having to prepare for the whole thing. It was quite a banquet as far as we can tell and he gave us some insight as to how these functions are in Hong Kong. There were also a ton of people. Upon his return he provided us a nice spread of traditional Chinese treats to celebrate the event at the day's cake hour. It was quite a smattering of Chinese goodies as you can tell by the pictures.
Some of the round cakes had interesting stuff on the inside including, if I remember correctly, a petrified egg yolk or something like that. The coolest part, though, was the 3D pictures that they took. You had to view them through a special lens but they were really outstanding!  I'll let the groom comment further on what he fed us!


  1. I think the red one is the petrified egg yolk

  2. yes, the center of the red one is the salted egg is often put in with lotus paste to create a salty-sweet taste....the same goes with mooncake~