Thursday, December 23, 2010

Farewell to our Princess!

The day has come at last when even a Princess must move on. No, not to take over somewhere as queen but to continue the education that will one day lead to Dr. Princess. So the research career finishes and off she must go to Aruba, no, Barbuda, no, Montenegro, -that's not it - Martinique - wrong again - Montserrat - nope. Where the hell did she go?  ANTIGUA!! Yes, rather than fight the snow she has headed off to warmer climes and is now a student at some medical school in Antigua where everything is more expensive than Providence.
A "Princess at the LRC"..there will never be another one like her!

The gang that matters most!

Final hug!
Before she left however we prepared a little pictorial story for her bedtime called "A Princess at the LRC"!  We said goodbye with a celebratory bottle and fortunately had some cake to spare.  Since it was so close to Christmas a lot of our colleagues had cleared out for the holiday but to those whom it mattered most we were there to say Mah krow and Nantew yiye and Yεbεhyi!   

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