Monday, December 20, 2010


So last night was the party for our Division. As usual it was held at the CAV restaurant and was quite a show!  Very good food and lots of people. It all culminates with singing Christmas songs around the piano.  So that no one feels left out, we make sure that the finale is "Silent Night" and everyone gets to sing it in their own language. This year we had quite a collection and for the first time had singer(s) in Russian, Persian and Gaelic.  Along with the old standbys of German, English, Japanese, Chinese and Hebrew - yes Hebrew - it was quite a Cosmopolitan finale!
All festively decorated for the big event!

This is the Opera Torte for about 200 people
And this is what was leftover or cake time today

Five layers of some pretty good stuff!
 The dessert that is served is a gigantic Opera torte. It's four layers of cake with butter cream and chocolate frosting in between.  It is quite impressive to see but even a party with 135+ people has trouble finishing it off so we end up getting leftovers for cake time the next day.  It must be said, however, that more of the cake got finished off this year than at previous events.  We also lucked out this year and got leftovers of a bunch of other things including arancini, tenderloin keban appetizers, spicy Asian noodles, smoked turkey breast etc.  So it was quite a feast leading into cake time with the leftover Opera torte. Nobody left hungry and if they did it was their own fault!
Some of the other leftover goodies including cheese and turkey

The hot appetizers went quick but these Asian noodles did not travel well

The mini bagels outlived the smoked salmon they went with

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