Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If you're looking for a good cake...

....this is a good cake.  The box, of course, is the clue. We are always expecting something good when it is from Gregg's. This is a cake we have had before though not for awhile. We're not sure what it is called but we think it is Heath Bar Cake or something similar.  It is basically a four layer chocolate cake, with a toffee flavored whipped cream frosting, a crushed chocolate cookie type coating around the edge and the swirls of whipped cream and a pile of crushed Heath Bars on top.

There's that box again!

Hey, good lookinG!

Whipped cream swirls around the wreckage of Heath Bars!

You're probably thinking it's one heavy cake but that's where it surprises. In fact, because the frosting is whipped cream based it is lighter. As you come to expect the cake is very fresh and together with the icing it does not weigh you down.  The toffee flavor and the crushed candy bars adds to the taste and easily makes this a cake you crave more of.
Heath Bar Candy Mountain

It's lighter than it looks!

The cake hour now has standard sizes to offer people named after the constant requests of certain individuals for specific cake sizes.  One can now specify a QG piece, a Mashiko piece, a Lisa piece or a Zoltan.  They range in size from a sliver to a health portion that would satisfy the day's caloric requirements. How about a nice Zoltan slice?

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