Monday, February 7, 2011

PRE VD Cake that was more than it seemed!

We were a little surprised to find that today's homemade offering was a lead in the next week's Valentine's Day celebration. In a delightful gesture one of our grad students baked a cake and decorated it with heart motifs and a personalized message to the LRC.  What a sweet idea! (In more ways than one.)

Festively decorated

Looking good!

Leaning tower of cake!

Watch out for the toothpicks!

Her selection was a classic yellow cake with a classic chocolate frosting. We accept the fact that it was not made totally from scratch as it were, and we certainly are not going to be judgmental here.  As a student who would expect anyone to start from the basics when there are boxed cakes and canned frostings around.  As the effort shows one can create a great cake and be creative in the process.

As a first attempt at a layer cake, upon closer inpsection,one can see that things were a bit askew. It even required some stabilization with tooth picks to prevent and unwanted collapse so you had to watch that you did not end up swallowing one. That did not stop it from tasting good or being very much appreciated.  Still after the pictures were taken, we sort of saw something else in the cake.  Can you see it too?

I think we killed it!

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