Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Joseph's Day Cake on St. Patrick's Day

Nothing against St. Patrick but it turns out that St. Joseph's Day is two days later.  This being the case this time of year becomes the time that you can find Zeppole or St. Joseph's Day Cake.  These are a custom in the south of Italy and are featured as part of the Festa di San Giuseppe.  So if you choose you can celebrate St. Pat's with something they make to celebrate St. Joe!  That's kind of what we did.
How about a Zeppola!
Our first taste sensation from this bakery!
And this is what's in the box!

We have had these before but this year they came from DeLuise bakery on Chalkstone Avenue in Providence.  These are large puffs that are filled with pastry cream, jelly, ricotta or something similar. (Not whipped cream though because they would then be a cream puff.) In Malta they fill them with anchovies and eat them during Lent!! The Maltese preference aside, the normal sweet ones are dusted with powdered sugar and topped off with a cherry.  Today's offerings were filled with the traditional pastry cream and were quite large!  No one attempted to finish off an entire one. (If one of our crowd had not given up this stuff for Lent she probably would have eaten a whole one.) This being said they were comparatively light given how heavy pastry cream can be.  All in all they were considered preferable to the ones we had previously and everyone was satisfied even though we couldn't finish them all.
Two offerings - baked and fried!

The classic look!
The plainer version - hold the anchovies!
As fate would have it tomorrow, March 19th, on St. Joseph's Day we are having a dinner of corned beef and cabbage so I guess it all evens out in the end. Happy St. Joseph's Day!

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