Friday, March 4, 2011

What a cute widdle wadybug!

The final entry in our "Research Assistants are now rich so they can buy cakes week" is from a bakery we had not previously tried or heard of for that matter - Sweet Cakes Bakery and Cafe of Kingstown, RI.  Sine our last participant hails from the south of RI it was a place he was presumably familiar with and decided to offer us a sample.

Just what I want to spend all my money on!

Crumbled cake for a finish!
Is that a cherry on top?
Nope! It's a cure widdle wadybug!
This cake was a bit on the little side but that was okay. It was a very good red velvet cake with the cream cheese frosting. The garnish, crushed up pieces of cake, was pretty interesting and in the center there was a cute little candy ladybug or so we think. Otherwise someone ate a piece of plastic.  As the frosting was kind of rich we managed to spread the cake out fairly easily as most people settled for Mashiko pieces. it was quite good and brought the research assistant week to a suitable close.
Small but potent with all that frosting
The cake label gave very explicit explanations as to why they refrigerate the cake and why it should be warmed up to room temperature - because it tastes better..duh!  Does a bigger cake take more time to warm up...duh!  Apparently if it were not for the health department we would be able to get cakes already warmed up.  According to the code perishable goods have to be stored at a cool 41 degrees Fahrenheit as opposed to the warm 41 degrees.
When refrigerating make sure it's the cool 41 degrees and not the hot one!
Next week is MARDI GRAS!! King cakes to come!

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