Friday, August 26, 2011

Something from Pastryland

We always enjoy discovering new bakeries. As it turns out there are more of them around than we realize.  We very happily surprised to find that today's offering that was left behind by the donor came from yet another place that we hadn't heard about. This was the Pastryland Bakery in Smithfield, RI. We assume it is located in some place called Conti Plaza judging by the label on the box.  Judging by the Italy-like green boot on the logo and the color scheme we might also assume that there is an Italian slant to the products.  Decorated cakes, fancy pastries, coffee cake, cream cakes and cream pies are the offerings that make it onto their business card.  That's a pretty big selection to have on such a little space.
Thanks to Caroline!

We've never been to Pastryland before!

This does look familiar, though!

Nicely arranged fruit!

Colorful too!

Unveiled and ready to eat!

Cake base with lots of cream so you don't need anything to bind the fruit!
We would put this fruit cake into the category of one of their cream cakes. At first glance it looks like many a fruit tart or flan that we have had. Cake on the bottom, fruit on the top and some kind of cream in between.. This was very fresh and the fruit was, as usual, nicely arranged on top.  What was a little different about this one was that the cake layer was much more a cake than a crust.  Usually these tend to have the cream and the fruit on top of a thick pie crust type of base.  Here it was more of a yellow cake which tended to be lighter.  They were also much more generous with the pastry cream than is frequently the case.  It was also much easier to cut as it tended to hold together whereas a lot of these break apart when you cut them.  Good, fresh, fruity and light; it was a nice thing to try and we look forward to the next visit someone makes to Pastryland!

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