Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where's Manhattan and back from Belize and bingeing!

Today's offering was something simple and classic in a processed food kind of way.  We had a bag of Chips Ahoy cookies!  As cookies go you can always rely on these and though there are multiple varieties the originals are usually the best economical bet. The chunky ones are very good also but you get a lot fewer.  So we settled down to a few Chips Ahoy cookies with some of the students who are leaving at the end of their summer research program and one who just got back from Belize and went on a Chips Ahoy binge. (It's a good thing we got the package with the most.) Maybe you can't get them in Belize.

They were on sale, OK!
Stay with the original!
More for the money!  And we love the resealable packages!
We did learn that in Belize the people are very nice but think that the neighboring Guatemalans are entering Belize and taking all the jobs.  Do the Belizians (?) call them wetbacks. We learned that they speak both English and some kind of creole type language. The beaches are nice but you will notice that our tourist doesn't have much of a tan.  His explanation is that being largely Irish he has two skin tones...Casper and Lobster..i.e. ghost white and lobster red.  Rather than go over to tan his burn peels and he's back to Casper.  Interesting!
Back and binging! You don't get good junk like this in Belize!
We were regretting that our tiramisu challenger was about to finish up after giving his presentation about how beer and hot dogs are going to bring down Western Civilization through obesity and dementia.  We thought he was going to stay a little longer but he was off to New York to visit Sis. We asked if she lived in Manhattan and he didn't know where that was. Apparently the Moses Brown school did a lousy job with geography. But he was defended by our Belize visiting buddy who was from New York and maintained he knew squat about Providence either. Neither of these two should be a contestant on any game show that features the category of geography.

Manhattan? I thought I was going to New York! Ciao, bud!
Speaking of which we noticed how the geography (actually the topology but geography ties in better) of Providence has changed now that the old I-195 has been almost totally torn down.  We discussed possible uses of the land and the suggestion of having a dog run was made. From there the discussion  went to how economically successful it would be to collect dog poop for fertilizer. I should say how someone suggested it could be successful to collect dog poop for fertilizer. The topic broadened into how the poop could be collected and what kind of device could be attached onto the dog over its crapper that would capture the turds and then through a heat sensor fall off so that the poop was readily collectible. I am not kidding this is what was discussed.

It makes you wonder what was in those cookies!

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