Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our young celebrity chefs are back!

We had another session of cake hour - youth edition - today and saw the return of our young celebrity chefs with another of their creative and winning cake concoctions.  This is the third guest appearance and as usual no one was disappointed in the product.   These kids are no slouches - BTW.  When they bake something everything is from scratch - no prepared cake mixes. They even used eggs from their own chickens.  If you told us they ground their own flour we'd probably believe it but that would be a little much.

Checking for flaws!

The two chefs with their masterpiece!

A tower of lemon cure, yellow cake, whipped cream and bananas!

Best viewed from above - what symmetry!

Mini-cake on top with a garden raspberry!

Not shy with adding some schlag with each slice!
Today they presented with another novel contribution. They opted for a layered yellow cake topped with a mini-cake crown. (The crown was intended for yours truly and I was happy to comply with having that be my "piece." )In between the layers and inside the the crown they included their special homemade lemon curd with whipped cream.  There was also abundant whipped cream frosting the outer part of the cake. The whole thing was then embellished with banana slices.  They did a great job on the decorating end and it looked a little kaleidoscopic when viewed from above.

The main cake was two layers!
Trying out their own recipe
As each sliced was served, an added ample portion of whipped cream was included. Our two are by now well aware of how popular whipped cream is with our cake hour regulars and clearly are just as fond of the stuff judging by some of the amounts they consumed with their own treats. They are also quite adept at dispensing it out of the pressurized cans.
This is good stuff!

More thumbs up!
The cake is disappearing but I'm ready for my whipped cream now!

Better than Starbuck's!

Can never get enough whipped cream!
Thumbs up across the board!
Their yellow lemon banana cream cake was a big hit judging by the responses. We look forward to the next masterpiece from our young celebrity chefs!  In the meantime keep that lemon curd coming!
Fans wanted their picture taken with the stars of the day!

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