Thursday, October 4, 2012

That's some serious frosting on that Red Velvet Cake

There was a training session today to learn how to use one of the new lab machines representing the latest technology known as multiplexing.  This is actually somewhat interesting in that it allows a single sample to be used to test for a number of different things.  Before it would have been one test for each protein or cytokine for instance.  With multiplexing they couple the various targets to slightly different colored beads.  The machine then reads the quantity of each individually colored bead and then can calculate how much of each item is in the sample. You could use one small amount of blood sample to test for up to 41 different items.  It is hot technology and everyone wants to sell you the machine at steep discounts so they can then sell you the reagents at a premium. It's a little like printers and toner cartridges.  Did this pique your interest?  Here's more info!

The sales rep offered to bring lunch and suggested the would also stop by around 4pm. It was of course suggested that he bring a cake and he readily complied. What came was a serious red velvet cake from Lasalle's bakery in Providence. 
Another Lasalle's creation!

Those white balls are frosting!

Plenty of shaved chocolate on the sides!
Well actually it was a red velvet cake with some serious frosting on the top.  The rose florets were complemented with green dollops representing rather large and succulent leaves and on all sides of the cake were these large balls of frosting about two inches wide and at least an inch tall.  Put that on top of the layer of frosting covering the cake and if you are a frosting lover you are in heaven!  The cake was very fresh as they usually are from Lasalles's and there are no complaints about their red velvet cake that they somewhat specialize in.  Even the frosting addicts had a little difficult finishing of what came with the slice of cake. The cream cheese frosting was certainly good but enough is enough.
Just can't finish that last ball o' frosting!
Great looking roses which shall remain uneaten!
He also brought a cookie advocating the re-election of President Obama to someone who is not a fan as a fun intended provocation.  Said cookie was then defaced to read something contrary to said re-election.  We salvaged the part of the cookie with the message and gave the cake and added. 

Giving it some added meaning!

Salvaging an important message!
Having a piece of red velvet cake is a great way to treat a cold and our afflicted student did feel better afterwards.
Red Velvet cake as cold remedy!

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