Thursday, February 14, 2013

Once again it's DD for VD!

It's been a big week!  First we had the Chinese New Year, then on Tuesday came Mardi Gras!  And today it's Valentine's Day or VD! This being New England, home of Dunkin' Donuts, we've taken to featuring the hometown doughnut chain for our VD treats.  Since lately they have been rebranding themselves as DD we thencefrom get the title for today's post.  DD is appropriate for Valentine's Day because as usual whenever a vapid holiday comes around they feature festive doughnuts to fit.  Indeed in the Fall, around Halloween, they have their Festive Fall Doughnut which is basically a frosted doughnut with fall themed sprinkles on top - fallen leaf shaped for instance.  For VD they have their frosted heart shaped doughnuts with heart shaped red, white and pink sprinkles on top.  After all red, white and pink are the VD color scheme!
DD Treats for VD!
The full VD selection.
Heart shaped Boston Cream!
Heart Shaped Jelly Doughnuts!
In fact many of their classic doughnuts including the jelly doughnut, Boston creme doughnut and glazed doughnuts become heart shaped for VD.  How could we resist.  As far as taste, texture and caloric content, what can we say?  These are Dunkin' Doughnuts and we fully know what we are getting into.  No naiveté here when it comes to eating these things. No one pretends we are doing anything healthy and regardless they do go well with a cup of coffee.  You never have to worry if they are fresh because they never sit around in the stores long.  So the jelly doughnut tastes like it always does as do all the others. For the most part we went with the classics as mentioned above. We did try a new variety that of a Red Velvet Drizzle doughnut. Isn't that a great name?

Red Velvet Drizzle Doughnut!
Red Velvet seems to be everywhere and you wonder how the hell did we live so long without encountering this as much as over the last few years.  Nonetheless having had red velvet just about everything we figured we would give it a try.  You can't really expound upon how appropriate or nut red velvet might be in a doughnut because as usual the main point of anything red velvet seems to be making it red.  In that regard it fits into the Valentine's theme we suppose.  The doughnut was a cake type doughnut and was fine. We would never presuppose that it had any distinct red velvet taste because we still don't know what that is.  Some day we will come across the real thing made from insect dyes and all that.
Hearts broken!
Gradually they disappeared!

Most everyone enjoyed the treats but we had a few holdouts. These being colleagues skeptical of any value to eating a doughnut. It was even proclaimed that lighting a match to a doughnut would cause it to burst into flames given the amount of grease. We didn't try that but hope for sure that it is an exaggeration for our arteries sake.
You don't expect me to eat one.
I know what goes into them!

I don't want to eat one but I'm fine with a heart on!
That's funny!

Others had plenty of fun with the romance/Valentine's Day/heart theme! Happy VD!

DD for VD all the way!
How about a piece of my heart!
My heart is yours!

Loves me some DD!

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