Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stollen number two served with ice cream.

It's Stollen Day again.  This year's second Stollen was served up. Like the previous one it was a Marzipan stollen meaning there is a filling of marzipan - sweetened almond paste - in the center of the cake. If you don't know what a Stollen is by now you have not been reading this blog.  This one was the second of four that were received as Christmas gifts and get gradually brought in to slake our appetite for sweets. There is only so much Stollen you can eat at home, you know!  The Marzipan Stollen is great. It has a tendency to be sweeter and moister than the normal or the rum Stollen which we have had before. As is almost always the case this one came from Canada and the firm of Dimpflmayer.  The exception was the one from Marshall's that we bought for the Glühwein party.
It's Stollen number two for 2013!
The classic shape with a cup of coffee is on the box!
It says keeps for a long time!
The classic shape outside the box!
Normally we you eat a piece of Stollen with a Glühwein. or a cup of coffee or maybe a cup of tea fortifies with Stroh Rum which is a type of Austrian rum that borders on being grain alcohol. It can be up to 80% alcohol and pack a wallop. It is frequently used to set drinks on fire at Christmas time in Germany and Austria when they make a Feuerzangenbowle or Flaming B-52 cocktail. I've gotten you attention now but we didn't have any of this today. No we had Stollen with...ice cream!  There was some left over from a party on Friday so we added it to Stollen after all it is just another version of ice cream and cake. I doubt we will find this combo at the Christmas markets anytime soon but it wasn't half bad.  Sort of gave the ice cream a bit of a rum raisin flavoring.  Not the ususal combo but we have always been flexible for sure.
The squishy yellow part towards the middle left is the marzipan!
Stollen with ice cream - a new taste treat!
Classic vanilla plus Stollen and it is like rum raisin!

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