Thursday, March 28, 2013

Banana Cheesecake and Matzos since it is still Pesach

It was about time that we used one of the Cheesecake Factory gift cards that we have been wracking up due to our expenditures with a specific company.  If you buy a certain amount per quarter you get a gift card for a amount determined by how much you bought.  The types of cards offered included amazon and similar gift cards. We said give us a card for somewhere where we can get a cake.  That's how we get the Cheesecake Factory gift cards!
Cheesecake and matzos!

Yes we've seen this box before!

Our frozen cheesecake for the day!

One floret per piece!

Cheesecake layer, banana cream layer and whipped cream!
We hadn't used one in awhile but since we had nothing signed up today we thought it would be a good alternative.  We also had someone with a car who was willing to pick it up.  He went and settled for a banana cream cheesecake.  We've learned that the typical construction of one of these cheesecakes is to have the New York Style cheesecake on the bottom and then have something to do with the theme on top of it.  In this case there was a banana cream on top of the cake which was finally embellished with whipped cream florets. There are eight florets intended to indicate the size of the slices. We know better, however, and usually offer a slice that splits the rosette down the middle lest we end up with close to 700 calories in one piece. We've had this cake before and we like it so we were quite content.
Dense and creamy with awesome banana taste!

Our recommended slice is about half what they recommend!
It is still Passover or Pesach which is much more fun to say.  That being the case one of our colleagues opted to bring in some Matzos for cake hour so that the observant people could also have a treat.  A number of people had never tried them before and we dutifully explained what they were and why they were.  Although they were willing to try they were probably not encouraged by the comment that the best tasting part is the box.  True they are flat, dry, bland and tasteless but they are tradition so you go with the flow.  Most people that hadn't tried them thought they were fine however a discussion did ensue as to how to give them more flavor. Salt was added which wasn't bad and it was suggested that butter, jam, peanut butter or cheese would probably go good with them. Those making the suggestions were not celebrating Passover and undoubtedly unaware of any restrictions on eating them. The suggestions were well taken and even attempted nonetheless.
Streit's Passover Matzos for all!
 A little flatter than that cheesecake don't you think!
The package was authentic and from the Lower East Side of New York. They were kosher for Passover, baked under the supervision of a rabbi and the laws of Challah are fulfilled. We don't know what that means.  If we are in NYC looking for Matzos we know that we can't go wrong with Streit's - Excellence in Kosher Baking.
All sorts of things we don't understand!

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