Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two types of Tate's

We have Tate's cookies on several occasions.  These are made on Long Island somewhere in the Hamptons so you can imagine the clientele they must have at the original location.  They make several types of classic cookies. We tend to gravitate towards the chocolate chip with walnut and the macademia nut cookies.  These cookies are very, very good unless you are the type that likes squishy flaccid cookies along the lines of Mrs. Fields.  They are crisp, not terribly sweet and leave a taste in you mouth at the finish that makes you want to eat the whole bag. 
Two types of Tate's!
Simple plastic or more elaborate paper package.
We've had these before!

We've also had these albeit not from this package.
This time around though to get two types of cookies we ended up wiht two types of packaging. We usually go with the sleeve in the plastic cellophane wrapping.  We wanted to get the walnut chocolate chip but did not see them at first. Then we notices another batch of Tate's in a different type of package. This one was paper with picture and marketing text giving the story of Tate's and a paean to the cookies.  It sure made for a more interesting read than the plastic with the minimal writing. 
The story of Tate's!

A little plug for the other types on the package!

And a picture of the other paper packaged products!

The ingredients - just what you might expect for something made in the Hamptons!
The cookies inside were the same as we have had before so if you want to pick up some of these you can be confident you are getting something good in either type of packaging.  The only caveat is that the cookies due tend to break in the plastic sleeve. In the package they sit in a tray being more secure and with less chance of breakage. If cookie integrity is important to you the paper package would be better.

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