Monday, September 30, 2013

Another Fond Farewell to someone who wisely took the severance package

Today was a day to see another farewell.  After being held in limbo for awhile, our colleague, who actually worked for another institution was offered a severance package based upon a current salary and benefits for a new position at a considerably lower pay level for one year.  Since the amount for one year at the lower salary was going to be about the same as the severance package - what would you do?  Take the severance and look for another job pertinent to experience and salary history. That is what our friend did.
Our colleague in the center has to move on!
Not a bad spread!
Chinese dumplings are always a hit even in a heart pan!
Potatoes, tomatoes,'s a new salad concept!
We sent her off with a little bit of everything for brunch and cake hour.  Turkish potato salad, homemade Chinese dumplings, hard boiled eggs in soy sauce, guava cake, madeleines, bakery items from the Yerushalayim bakery and a gluten free squash mess. Not a bad little feast.  The homemade items were very good. This was the first time we had potato salad with tomatoes. The dumplings were very light in comparison to some of those dense ones you see commercially.  The hard boiled eggs were interesting and the squash casserole was, well, let's say indescribable and leave it at that. There was too much food so the bakery items were pushed to cake hour with the exception of the madeleines.

Fond farewell among colleagues and friends!
Whoever heard of the Yerushalyim (Jerusalem) bakery
Hard to tell what it was and hard to describe what it was!
It was a good send off and we wish our colleague and friend well.
The ladies altogether in the end.!

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