Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tate's and Quads with a visit from the beyond!

When there is no one signed up for cake hour we have several backups. One of them has come to be known as Tate's and Quads.  This consists of two things that are readily available in the nearby Gourmet Heaven store.  Tate's are the cookies made somewhere on Long Island. We like them a lot because they are crunchy not soft, not too floury but very tasty.  It is difficult not to pig out on these cookies. Today's selection was butter pecan which we had not tried before.  They met expectations though there could probably be a few more pecans in these babies.
Tate's and Quads to the rescue!
Almond flavored quads..
A new entry into the Tate's selection or so we think!
The other treats, Quadrattini's are from Italy/Austria or more accurately the Austrian German part of Italy.  They are bite size wafer cookies that come in many flavors.  Today we had the almond flavor which is a favorite.  These are also very easy to eat because they hit the flavor spot big time. Tate's and Quads come through again!
A perfectly respectable backup plan!
We had a visit from the beyond today. They beyond being the main campus of the hospital where our erstwhile researchers end up back in the black hole of clinical service. Our buddy hadn't stopped by in awhile and as you can see he's still gotta have that phone in his hands!
Stop bugging me about the phone!

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