Wednesday, October 9, 2013

La retour de la française

The person who signed up for today was one of our prodigal alumna who was hanging out in PVD visiting her cheri. We were expecting some cultural treats for something like a foie gras cake hour but to our surprise she arrived with a home baked pie. Ostensibly she baked it herself!!   HA, HA, HA!!  That was hilarious. Always good for a laugh is our French friend!  Actually the pie was baked by our favorite pastry chef who has brought us many treats over the PhD years of her husband.  Darn that he has moved on to medical school and is not around as much.
She's back and but did not bake!
I admit..I did it! And we're glad you did!
It looks professional because she bakes like a pro!
The pie was delicious, as if we expected anything else.  Nice flaky crust with a bit of saltiness and well cooked apples, not too hard not too soft, with just the right amount of sugar. No one likes a sickeningly sweet pie after all! What a nice treat to welcome our friend back from France for her connubial visit and a reunion of the steadfast cake hour crowd!
Great crust..just the right shade of golden brown!
Well cooked and seasoned apples for a first rate taste!

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