Monday, July 14, 2014

Bastille Day Brownies

We are heading into the second week of the student cake competition. It also happened to coincide with Bastille Day.  This is a big holiday in France, in case you didn't know, commemorating the storming of the Bastille prison during the French Revolution.  It is interesting that this name is used in the English Language.  The French holiday is actually referred to in French as La Fête nationale or The National Celebration.  It celebrates the referenced Bastille storming but also the day the French were unified which is also on February 14, 1790.  Maybe since it celebrates two events they decided to not reference the Bastille in the naming of the holiday.  Did you know that as part of the celebration The oldest and largest regular military parade in Europe is held on the morning of 14 July, on the Champs-Élysées in Paris in front of the President of the Republic, French officials and foreign guests?  Now you do!

So far today our student volunteer baker opted for some basic brownies but left them on a sheet uncut and then frosted them with three colors of frosting to give us the French tricolor flag!!  Très créatif!  

I'm not French but someone told me it was Bastille Day!
Tricolor Brownies!
It should be viewed this way to accurately represent the flag!

It was fun to tie in his baked goods with the French national day.  The Brownies were a friend's recipe and were very dense and chocolatey - much more fudge than cake like.  The frosting on the top was a commercial frosting that our friend had colored with normal food coloring. It tasted exactly as we would expect. The brownies were good and probably would have been so without the frosting. But then it would not have been a tribute to Bastille Day.  

The squares went fast!

More fudge than cake in this batch!
We give today's entry a 3.5 star rating giving the day's treat credit for being homemade and for being French fun!


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