Thursday, July 10, 2014

The cake had cancer and could probably cause it too!

A very colorful entry today for our student cake month!  The top of the cake alone had a lot of color and had something to say!  One of the things we study in the lab is hepatocellular caricinoma or HCC which you see on the cake. One of the models we use is a subcutaneous tumor model in rodents.  The animal image is that of a mouse and the little red floret on the upper back of the mouse represents the tumors that form.  So we have a colorful paean, as it were, to the work that we do.  This definitely gets marks for creativity.
Celebrating research with a colorful cake!
Our work with HCC or liver cancer gets a different publication!

So does our study model!  That's a mouse, y'all!

That's not a flower. IT'S A TUMOR!

The cake was another pan cake and the question was what flavor would it be...chocolate, yellow white...or electric blue and yellow!  Say what?  That's what it turned out to be. For the first time we have a marble cake not out of the traditional chocolate and yellow cake but rather yellow and some electric blue batter. This apparently was mix of yellow and actually aqua blue cake mixes.  Taking note of the cancer theme on the cake, there was some sarcasm about whether the food coloring in the cake could actually cause cancer.  Lighten up people!  It's not like your eating a ton of it. Though we did try to get out 1000 calorie a day colleague to eat several pieces.  Maybe he will be a test case!

What flavor do you suppose?

Are we at risk from this blue coloring? Call the FDA!
The flavor for each remained vanilla. This cake got your attention and was certainly unique. It tasted fine however the vanilla frosting in various colors was definitely a commercial frosting. Although the recipe was not original, the artistic factor gives this cake a boost and a four star rating. Not to mention that the baker had to combine those bags of batter to get the swirl effect! What a physical challenge that must have been!
Imagine the effort mixing those colors!
Today we also had bread number two - also cinnamon raisin!  The goal was to make it less moist and doughy to try to get a better bread consistency.  It was definitely drier but still not quite there. Further experiments are necessary.
Look familiar? It's daily bread number 2!
Definitely more bread than cake like but there is a ways to go!

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