Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Half a Mocha Icebox Cake is better than none!

We've had Tate's cookies many times. They are sold nearby and every now and then they are a fall back cake hour treat.  Today was the first time we had them as part of a cake!! This time of year people go to parties and bring something like a dessert.  To prevent the host from ending up with a bunch of half eaten desserts at the end of the night, savvy party givers will send the stuff back with the folks who brought it for their own enjoyment. I suppose if you go to a lot of parties like this YOU end up being the person with a bunch of half eaten desserts.

What if they don't like it and I have to take it home?
Our cake bringer today had gone to a party and brought with her a Mocha Icebox Cake courtesy of a recipe from Ina Garten.  It can be found here:

We presume this is what it looked like!

This is the type of cake we like because it is filled and frosted with a whipped cream base.  In this case it is a mocha whipped cream that also has mascarpone cheese - a little tira misu touch. Once you prepare that, instead of a baked cake base you use Tate's chocolate chip cookies to make the layers. What a great idea!!
We can see the resmblance!
Half a cake is better than none!
Tate's Cookies make the layers - genius!!

It assembles pretty quickly and then it is chilled and you are done.  We like this a lot as the cookies get a little soft and go very well with the mocha whipped frosting. It might not have been finished off at the party, but we killed it at cake hour!
It went away pretty fast!

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